Top-10 events of the year 2018 which changed the world

The year 2018 is towards the end and 2019 stands at the reception in your welcome. There have been many such important events this year, which is very important to remember in terms of current affairs. In this episode is providing brief and essential information of 10 selected events throughout the year till you. All these events are very important for preparing for various examinations.

1. India's first fastest supercomputer 'Pratyush' launches

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Earth Sciences, dedicated India's fastest and first multipataphlops super computer country on 8 January 2018 in Pune. This super computer has been named the Pratyush in the name of Sun. It has been installed at the Indian Meteorological Institute, Pune, which will further improve the precise weather and climate forecasts from the Earth Science Ministry.

India has become the fourth leading country with HPC capability in this category for activities such as monitoring of weather and climate after Britain, Japan and the US. According to the current data, Britain is the nation with the highest HPC capacity of 20.4 petaflop numbers. After that Japan's HPC capacity is 20 petaflops and 10.7 petaflops of America.

2. Train-18 successfully completed trial run at 180 km / hr

During the first non-engineered train-18 test of Indian Railways, successfully run over 180 kilometers per hour. Thus it has become the fastest running train in the country. The maximum speed of this train can be up to 220 km / h.

Earlier, on the Indian tracks, the train was run by the speed of 180, but it was Spain's train. At present, the fastest running train in India, Speed ​​Express, travels between Delhi and Jhansi at maximum speed of 160 kmph.

3. The world's first hydrogen fuel train was successfully tested in Germany

The successful trial of the world's first hydrogen fuel train was conducted in Germany on September 18, 2018. This train is completely environmentally friendly i.e. like diesel engine does not cause pollution. This French company Alstom has prepared after two years of hard work.

This train has been built due to the problem of increasing pollution in the world. A successful trial of this train on a railway line near Hamburg, in northern Germany. This train has been named Coradia iLint. It has been claimed by the company that this train runs on zero emission pattern i.e., it does not produce carbon dioxide but it produces steam.

4. India becomes the 43rd member of Australia Group, strong contender in the nuclear supplier group

Being a member of Australia Group (AG) on January 19, 2018, India is an important success. On receipt of membership of this group, India can hold firmly to the membership of the International Atomic Suppliers Group (NSG).

The Australia Group (AG) is an important system of non-proliferation, aimed at ensuring that chemical or biological weapons can not be developed from exports. Subscription of one of the four major export control systems after the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and Wassenar Arrangement (WA), India can help build its membership in the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). .

5. Scientists found evidence of any moon outside the solar system for the first time

Astronomers have detected the first moon (excommon) outside our solar system with the help of Hubble and Kepler space telescopes. It is orbiting a giant gaseous planet 8,000 light years away from Earth. This is the first time that any moon has been discovered outside the solar system.

According to an article published in 'Science Advance' magazine, this exosmoon is unique due to its large size (compared to the diameter of Neptune). This is a first incident in itself. In fact, the planet located outside our solar system is called exoplanet and its moon, i.e., the satellite is called 'ecomon'.

6. Scorpion Class III submarine 'Karanj' included in Indian Navy

The third submarine of the Scorpene class 'Karanj' was launched on January 31, 2018 from Mazgaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) of Mumbai. Karanj has been made by MDL under Project 75 program. It is the third of six submarines to be built under this project.

Prior to Karanj, this category's first submarine INS Kalwari was launched on December 14 last year. Another submarine Khanderi has also been launched. Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lamba was also present on the occasion of joining Karanj.

7. Successful test of indigenous Drone Rustom-2

Indian Defense Research Organization (DRDO) successfully tested the indigenous Drone Rustam-2 from its test center located in Chitradurga district of Karnataka on February 25, 2018. This drone has been made in India itself. The information released by the DRDO states that the drone flying up to medium height and long period has been developed for the three branches of the Army.

Rustam-2 has the ability to fly continuously for 24 hours at a time and it can be constantly monitored and can carry weapons as well. This drone, which flies up to medium height and for long period, has been developed for the three branches of the Army.

8. Economic Survey 2017-18: Detailed Review

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented Economic Survey 2017-18 on January 29, 2018. In the Economic Survey, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has estimated GDP growth of 7 to 7.5 percent during FY2019. At the same time, crude was also expensive, which is one of the main concerns of the government, which is estimated to be 12 percent more expensive this year.

After registering GDP growth rate of 7 percent in the year 2016-17, the GDP growth rate in 2017-18 was estimated to be 7 to 7.5%. Despite this shortage, India's GDP, on average, was 7.3 percent from 2014-15 to 2017-18, which is much better than other economies of the world.

9. Budget 2018: Announcements made for all sectors (Sector)

In the budget presented by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the financial year 2018-19, the rural and agricultural sector was exclusively mentioned. The finance minister's speech began with several major announcements made for farmer farmers. The Finance Minister, while emphasizing the need to raise more crop in the lower cost, also focused on giving farmers a higher price for their produce.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley aims to double the income of farmers by 2022. He also emphasized that the yield on the produce is one and a half times the cost. 1400 crores have been earmarked for the agricultural processing sector while the announcement of the launch of Operation Green at a cost of 500 crores was also announced.

10. Kusum Yojana: 30 million irrigation pumps will be equipped with solar energy

Kusum Yojana was announced for the country's irrigation system in various announcements made during the General Budget 2018-19. This plan can prove to be a big change for the farmers and the agricultural system of the country. Under this scheme, all the pumps used for irrigation in the country will be made solar based.

Name of the scheme Kisan Energy Security and Uplift Mahabhaiyan (Kusum) has been kept. Under the Kusum scheme, by the year 2022, three crore pumps in the country will be run by solar power instead of electricity or diesel. Total cost of Kusum Scheme will be Rs 1.40 lakh crores.
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